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  • 廣州保利·天珺銷售中心 | 上海柏濤
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    “architects don't invent anything, they just transform reality.”

    ——Alvaro Siza

    相地 ·SITE





    There are many restrictions on the old renovation of existing buildings. The design aims to reshape the spirit of the project site and reflect the landscape characteristics of the building to the river landscape in the most single form.

    就勢 ·STATUS

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    Off-site public roads are noisy,the field is open, the moving line is disorderly, the lack of enclosure design, the space is too transparent, lack of landscape interface conversion, the site of some trees grow well, pot shelf and old Banyan trees to save cost and historical heritage.

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    The original building is placed in the place in the form of closed space, and the interaction between the building and the scene is strengthened through the permeability of the facade. However, the spatial level is too single in such a unique place.

    韜略 ·IDEA

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    示范區線稿 Line draft of demonstration area △


    Under the certain mode of the original building structure, through the placement of gray space, the interaction between the building and the site is enhanced, and the site features are highlighted. The multi-level perception experience combined with the facade symbol with obvious identification degree makes the relationship among the site, building and crowd more natural and harmonious.

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    體塊構成 △

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    In addition to its function and form, architecture is a carrier of urban history and culture, witnessing and continuing people's memory. We hope to integrate it with the environment through the design logic of pure and simple facade.


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    The wind chime curtain wall dancing with the wind constitutes the first interface of the sales office. Combined with the static water extending into the gray space, and then to the Pearl River scenery, it forms a rich and urban memory experience.

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    Through the extension of floating board line foot, the building block can increase its lateral sense, and a layer of overhead layer is transparent, which makes it more like a box floating on the water surface. Combined with the wind chime curtain wall, it is more flexible and elegant.

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    The interface presented by the building has a reasonable structure and fine node structure as technical support. The combination of different materials requires repeated scrutiny by the designer in the model stage, as well as constant comparison and selection between material samples. The lighting consultant will discuss the system handover and discuss with the interior landscape designer in order to finally present the overall perfect effect.

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    現場定制材料樣板  △

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    The ultra-white glass has a large load and uses a hanging type to load, resulting in a slightly thicker top cornice. Through the comparative analysis of multiple schemes, the optimal cornice scheme was finalized to realize the overall lightness of the building.

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    Utilizing the physical properties of ultra-white high-permeability glass to create transparency and lightness near the water surface, and haziness and mistiness on the far water surface. The upper and lower partitions form a strong contrast between virtual and real, bringing a strong visual impact.

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    效果圖  △

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    實景圖  △

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    Postscript: for you and me, architecture is the prelude to life, the highest art, the law of mathematics, the philosophy of thought, and the aesthetic resonance generated naturally by emotion.


    開發企業  保利、金眾、金茂、華僑城

    建筑設計  PTA上海柏濤

    設計團隊  第九事業部

    設計主創  徐廣偉、馮波、阮維慶、彭俊

    團隊成員  何山、車傳波、余剛、許克福、吳煜、梁爽、劉永平、胡超、孫鵬

    景觀設計  山水比德(銷售中心)、奧雅設計(大區)

    室內設計  李瑋珉

    項目地點  中國·廣州·荔灣區

    用地面積  5200平方米

    建筑面積  1280平方米

    設計時間  2019年10月

    開放時間  2020年10月

    攝       影  遠洋 先生(建筑)



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